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These are some simple suggestions to create successful relationships with your Padawans. They are not rules. These should prove especially useful to those that have not had the joy of being in a mentoring position.

Firsthand considerations

In some cases, prerequisite knowledge may be required to move forward. It is a Master's task to discover gaps in the Padawan's knowledge and skills.

Organizing the relationship

Below are some guidelines for masters on how to create the most rewarding experience for Padawans by providing some semblance of structure:

  1. Defining the thing(s) to be learned
  2. Breaking down the things to be learned into bite sized chunks
  3. Organizing those chunks into a timeline that the participants are both happy with
  4. Having some sort of regular conversation to check and see if further help is needed (this can be any format)
  5. Making public the successes of the relationship (not a report to someone, but a celebration to everyone)

NOTE: This is not an attempt to create some sort of formal relationship, but it's a suggestion to facilitate the whole process so that it benefits everyone involved.

Electing a Padawan to be a Master

It is for each Master to decide when their Padawan has sufficient knowledge so as to be able teach a new person in the area requested.

The true test of knowledge is that of being sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to teach it to a newcomer.