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This page is here to collect and discuss changes to LinuxPadawan in general.

rebuilding LinuxPadawan

new wiki system

  • Transfer domain
    • Give ownership to the admin team in general
    • Set up mail aliases
  • Set up server machine
    • Install and configure nginx
    • Can we redirect w.l.n/LinuxPadawan/XYZ → w.l.n./XYZ? @teward
    • DKIM, SPF records to decrease spam issues with outgoing mail @teward
  • Set up new wiki
    • Install and configure MediaWiki
    • Set up permissions
    • Lock out registration to keep out the spam
    • Clean up configurations
  • Convert old pages from MoinMoin to MediaWiki
    • Serve old pages and organize effort to convert
    • Remove w.l.n/old from nginx

add additional infrastructure

  • Code of conduct
  • License
  • Link in footer

update the blog

  • harden the site
  • update the front page
  • trim out any confusing posts
    • should we remove interviews of retired masters or make a note that they've moved on? NEEDINPUT
      1. Gustavo Silva has moved on to RL and has no opinion of what to do.
      2. Bodhi Zazen
      3. Zach Villers aka aikidouke
      4. Paul Sutton aka zleap
      5. Na3iL
      6. cproffit
  • See if we can find holstein, as we have a non-published interview for him

contact old users

In order to ensure that we get the project back to its formal glory, we need to contact all the old users and see if they're still interested or not.

  • Contact the mailing list
  • Contact individual users from old registrations
  • Remove or comment out mentions of old users
  • Facilitate users to get accounts INPROGRESS
    • Ask them to edit the table
    • Give them their old wiki pages
    • Blog about the reopening (could help) INPROGRESS

grand re-opening

We need to do something. Maybe a press release? NEEDINPUT

Blog about the reopening