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Name Kamilion
Email [email protected]
AIM djkamilion
Yahoo! djkamilion
Face Book I don't use facebook. IMHO neither should you.
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IRC Nick Kamilion
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About Me

Hi, I'm Kamilion, aged 30 and live in california without kids and my job / college course is Server Recycling

  • Using computers before ability to speak
  • Living on the internet after compuserve CB chat
  • Willing to learn anything
  • Ask me on IRC for help

Topics I know about

  • Intel/AMD hardware: Embedded, Desktop, Server
  • ARM Hardware: Embedded, Desktop, Server
  • Security Issues: Embedded, Desktop
  • Hardware Design & Troubleshooting: Component selection, Component debugging, Serial-Bus debugging

If it's got wires, chips, amps, volts or joules, I've probably tinkered with it. Find me on FREENODE IRC and ask away.

I remain connected to a large body of people willing to provide interesting services and information as well. Take a look at for the list.

(Note: I am not a kernel developer and my C/C++ is very very rusty. Don't expect much help patching drivers!)