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About Me

Hello, I'm Valorie Zimmerman, Kubuntu Member and Ubuntu Member, KDE e.V. member, and part of the KDE Community Working Group, and Student Programs team. I'm active daily on both Linuxchix and Freenode IRC, nick valorie. My main interests in Kubuntu are documentation and community. I wrote the Handbook and Amarok Insider for Amarok, and am also active in Linuxchix, Seattle Linuxchix, Ubuntu Women, and the Washington Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community). I also write the Linux Grandma blog, and am very active in the KDE community.

Other activities: My family, reading, art, music, photography, PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and genealogy, including Alsachat, an international genealogy project.

Contact Information

IRC Channels

You can find me on Freenode in #kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel, and #kubuntu-council as well as #ubuntu-women, #ubuntu-us-wa, #amarok, #kde-multimedia, #kde, #kde-soc, #kde-women, #kde-lgbt, #kde-accessability, and #kde-cwg and now #linuxpadawan


* As a new Kubuntu member, attended UDS
* Member of the KDE Community Working Group and of the e.V. supporting KDE
* Active member of Ubuntu-Women, providing support in IRC and the list
* Active in the Washington Ubuntu LoCo
* Provide support in the Amarok IRC channel, forum, and lists as well as Kubuntu and KDE support
* Write the Linux Grandma blog to help other non-technical users of Linux, Kubuntu, and KDE, as well as a genealogy blog
* Editor of the Amarok Insider (now defunct)
* KDE Student Programs team, administering Google Summer of Code, Google Code-in and Season of KDE, and attending the Google SoC Mentor Summit three times
* Lead the writing team for the Amarok Handbook
* Developing the Kubuntu Docs
* Elected to the Kubuntu Council in 2013, re-elected in 2016
* Co-author of KDE Developers Guide at the first Google Book Sprint
* Editor of the Frameworks Cookbook
* Chapter author of 20 Years of KDE
* Listowner on Mailman lists on four servers: Rootsweb, Linuxchix, KDE and Ubuntu and Kubuntu
* Channel operator on quite a few Rootsweb, Linuxchix, KDE and Kubuntu channels
* Mediawiki experience - KDE's wikis, mostly but also WikitoLearn and WikiTree
* KDE Dot editor and writer

Happy to be asked to join, and happy to help any newcomer find their place in the greater Linux ecosystem. Listowner and IRC channel operator help in particular I'm always happy to assist.