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Console. Terminal. Command Line. CLI. The black screen that invariably one finds themselves using to solve some problem or another. It is doorway to the soul of a *nix system. Everything is basically a front end to it. You should make friends with it.

Especially useful for automation (i.e. scripting), but you might want to start with the basics. We have set up an area where you can play with the shell without fear of breaking anything and where others can join you. This is a great resource for learning, so don't miss it!


Art Of The Command Line
A one-page overview of everything you could possibly want to know, great for intermediate users. Great for beginners, too, but doesn't have a lot of detail, so it will require a fair amount of research to work through.
Unix Toolbox
A reference with examples and such. Not so great to learn from, but great to refer to as you learn things and try to recall a command. It can be printed off into a little booklet and downloaded as a pdf. Useful because it refers to many different Unicies and Linucies.
The Command Line Murders
An interesting concept: learning the command line through solving mysteries!


Of course, there's always the issue of text editors:

  • Vim Tutorial
    There are dozens of vim references online, but most of them either go ninja straight away, or start basic and don’t go much deeper. The goal of this tutorial is to take you through every stage of progression—from understanding the vim philosophy (which will stay with you forever), to surpassing your skill with your current editor, to becoming “one of those people”.
  • vim has a built in tutorial. Open vim and type :help tutor
  • See also Vim Wiki
  • Of course, nothing really beats a good config: bodhi.zazen's vimrc

Other cool stuff

Share your terminal sessions without the need of annoying screencasting programs! Lots to learn here, too.
Tool to run commands in parallel.
User-generated one-liners. Great way to see the real magic in action.
In case you didn't see it mentioned above, we have an area set up where you can fearlessly play with the command line. You can also do so interactively!